Monday, 23 January 2012

The Weekend

Saturday was a wonderfully relaxing day. We spent the morning just sitting around doing our thing; that doesn't happened very often. Little Guy and I went grocery shopping after lunch and when we got home the girls left to spend the afternoon with a friend. They ended up staying for their friend's birthday dinner and then went to a local church's game night. They got home just before 10pm. They had a really great day and Husband and I had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Ever since we started going to a local church, we all look forward to Sunday's. After church we headed off to Husband's parents' house where to whole family was meeting for soup and buns. This is one of the few times we get to see the whole family since we switched churches. I love that the family gets together like this. When I was growing up, Sunday was drop-in day at my grandparents' house and our visits we frequently overlap with other's. I have great memories of playing with my cousins and all the adults sitting around talking. I'm so thankful that we are near enough to family that our kids have a chance to develop relationships with their cousins.

Anyway, Little Guy spent a lot of time playing with a string of beads. He was fascinated by how the beads moved and sounded. Kiddlet and a cousin spent a good 30 minutes watching a slideshow on a digital frame and Strong-Willed One enjoyed cracking and eating nuts.

As we were packing up to go, we noticed Little Guy and a cousin playing with a little bear. She kept holding it out for him to kiss. They both thought it was a great game.

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