Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Quiet Beginning to the Week

After the very busy day in the kitchen yesterday, today has been comparatively quiet. Church this morning, a quick stop at the grocery store, then home.

We had a peaceful afternoon with Little Guy napping and the girls busy playing Littlest Pet Shop.

For dinner I made pizza. In the past I always made one pizza on my large Pampered Chef circle stone. However, the appetites in our house seem to have grown and it's no longer enough. So tonight I made two pizzas. I was a little concerned how they would turn out because I put them both in the oven and the same time on two different racks, one above the other. They turned out great! I had precooked the crust of the pizza on the stone since the other pizza would be directly below it in the oven. The pizza on the stone had a crisper bottom to it, which is Husband's preference, and the other pizza had a soft crust which I prefer. Anyway, I made two pizzas instead of one so that no one would be hungry after dinner. And tonight everyone ate about half of what they usually eat when we have pizza. Oh well. Lunch later, right?

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