Friday, 27 January 2012

Freezing Rain Means No Busses

The girls lucked out this week and only had 3 days of school. Monday was a PA day and the busses aren't running today due to freezing rain. Strong-Willed One was pretty cute this morning. Usually the girls are up by 6:40am to get ready for school. Since there is no school, I didn't wake them. Kiddlet was up at the usual time, but Strong-Willed One slept in. When she woke at 7:20, she came running down the stairs yelling, "Mom, it is not Saturday!" After I explained, she just kinda wandered around, like she couldn't quite grasp the fact there was no school.

Having the girls home changes how my day is going to go. I had planned on trying a new granola bar recipe, making ham and potato soup and dinner rolls, as well as cleaning the bathroom and mopping the tile floors. If I can find the strength, we will make the granola bars together. The floor will almost certainly be put off and I have no idea about the bathroom. Kiddlet is already bored and Strong-Willed One isn't far behind. Maybe we'll be able to reach the friends who couldn't come over on Monday.

The other day I pulled out our camera. I usually just use my cell phone, but I'm not so happy with the quality of the pictures when I post them. Little Guy hadn't really seen our camera before, but as soon as it flashed he new exactly what it was. He comes crawling over, lays his head on the coffee table looking right into the lens and says, "cheese!" It took awhile to get a decent picture because he kept moving as soon as he said cheese.

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