Monday, 23 January 2012

A Rainy PA Day

Here we are on January 23 and it's supposed to get up to 8*C today. (That's about 48*F for all you stateside.) Of course, it's also raining and the wind is crazy strong.

Today is a PA for the girls. We had a relaxing morning, at least until Husband called. Management never told him that he was heading out of town today. The next half hour frantically looking for things and packing. After all of that craziness, Little Guy went down for a nap and the girls got to use their new tea set. They've been begging for a chance to use it, so I popped open a can of cinnamon rolls. Might as well do it right!

I have no ambitious plans for today. The girls are hoping to have some friends over after lunch. We also have MOPs (Mom's of Preschoolers) and GAC (God's Adventure Club) tonight. This means an early dinner for the kids. We have to be there for 6pm. MOPs is a wonderful ministry. They provide dinner and dessert for the moms and then have some kind of a guest speaker come in. Tonight is Spa night! While all of this happens, childcare is provided from birth to kindergarden. For kids in grades 1-3 there is God's Adventure Club. The girls love GAC and Little Guy has never had a problem in the nursery. I always look forward to MOPs, but even more so tonight. I wasn't braced for Husband to be leaving, so I'm feeling kind of down. A spa night complete with dinner and dessert sounds like a wonderful thing!


  1. Whay a lovely (and yummy) way to break in a tea set! You should teach the girls to drink their tea with their pinky fingers out. ;~)

  2. I love Strong-Willed One's pose in the picture. Such a ham.