Friday, 27 January 2012

A Success

I'm going to call yesterday a success.

After having the girls home on Monday and then being gone pretty much all day Tuesday and Wednesday, there was so much that needed to be done here at home. After the girls were off to school and Little Guy was down for a nap I got the downstairs vacuumed, including the furniture.

Yesterday I also had a scheduled visit from my public health nurse. This is something that was put into place after shortly Little Guy was born. Public Health has a support program for new moms who suffer from depression, have a history of depression or simply need a support system. I'm glad that she came. Little Guy has been having some pretty serious constipation and hasn't been eating well; the nurse and I talked through different things to try and some ideas to make food more appealing to him. Something I never considered is that he may not be eating because his belly is already so uncomfortable. The nurse encouraged me to keep trying not only new things but to continue offering things Little Guy has rejected in the past. I tried him with prunes again in the afternoon and he loved them! He actually got upset when I wouldn't give him a 3rd. Here's hoping it helps.

Back to why the day was a success. After Little Guy went down for his afternoon nap, I sat down and FACED our finances. (FACED is a Flylady acronym for Financial Awareness Continually Empowers.) This is always a tough time of year for us because the construction industry slows this time of year. I also had a few phone calls to make to insurance companies. We had canceled all our credit cards in December and now we were getting letters from insurance companies saying our policies had lapsed due to non-payment. We weren't even aware we had these policies! Anyway, there is freedom in facing what you do and do not have, can and can't do. And in finally dealing with all the insurance we were stupidly paying for that we don't need.

I cooked a ham for dinner that I got for $.99/lb. We had leftover potatoes and noodles and fresh broccoli cooked just right. After the kids were in bed I got the rest of the ham carved and stored. I ended the day feeling good about what was accomplished and the time I spent with the kids.

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