Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Another Night of Little Sleep

Am I ever tired today! Little Guy did not let me sleep much last night. I put him down to bed at 9pm, he woke at 11pm and pretty much every two hours after that. I suspect he may be teething. I say suspect because his one cheek has been red and warm for three days now. This has never before happened with any of my kids when they were teething, but Little Guy is of an age when molars begin to appear. I may be completely wrong about the teething thing, but it makes me feel better to have something to blame all the waking on.

So, the spa night at MOPs last night was great! We were fed a finger food/appetizer dinner and for dessert we were offer chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing, fruit tartletts and fresh fruit with fruit dip. I opted for the cupcake because I am one whom almost never says no to chocolate. It had to be the moistest, most chocolatey cupcake ever; no way was this from a mix.

We got to pick two spa treatments from a list of makeup, mini mani, reflexology, head massage and foot massage. I went for the foot massage and the mini mani. I find having my feet rubbed by someone else to be very relaxing. As for the mani, I spent Friday and Saturday getting my nails ready to paint, but haven't yet had time to paint them and let them dry. The color I picked looked like a deep dark red with glitter in it. Turns out the polish is black with red sparkles. It's not bad, just not quite what I was expecting.

I've gotten very little done today as far as house work goes. I met a friend for lunch today and had some wonderful Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine, with some leftover for lunch tomorrow. The problem with meeting people for lunch is that we live pretty much an hour away from anywhere, so I spend 2 hours just driving. I had to lay down for 20 minutes before I left this morning because I was so tired I didn't want to drive. (Don't worry, after the rest I was fine.) When I got home at 2:30, I got Little Guy changed and in bed and then crawled back onto the couch for another rest. This was important so that I would have emotional resources to deal with the kids after 7pm.

I will be providing a healthy dinner of diced, seasoned chicken breast, broccoli and buttered noodles. (Yes, I know buttered noodles aren't nutritious, but they taste so good!) I will also be washing a load of whites tonight so that I have clean socks to wear tomorrow. And I'm determined to spend at least 10 minutes working on my craft area.


  1. Do I recognize that sweater sleeve? (And yes...buttered noodles = amazing.)

  2. You do recognize the sleeve! It has become one of my favorites!