Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Adventures of Little Guy

How often do you wake up motivated, filled with intentions to get heaps of things done? That was me yesterday. I was going to clean out the hallway, mop the floors, vacuum downstairs, get more work done on my craft space and bathe Little Guy. From that list I accomplished 1.5 things. I got half of the hallway cleaned out and I bathed  Little Guy.

For some reason, Little Guy hates baths. He screams through the whole thing. Doesn't matter if it's the tub or the kitchen sink. He refuses to sit in the water, so I end up washing him with one hand while thwarting his attempts to climb out of the tub and then I lay him down and he wails while I rinse his hair. I think we both dread his bath time. Once Little Guy is all washed and dried, his curls really come out. These curls are why I haven't cut his hair yet. I'm afraid that they won't grow back and I love his curls.

 I have no idea where he found it, but Little Guy got his hands on a little purple bead yesterday morning. He loves this bead. It was always tight in his little fist, except when he was looking at it. At one point it rolled off the coffee table. He was so upset when he couldn't find it. He was on the floor looking saying, "uh oh" over and over, his eyes filled with tears. He was so excited when I found it.

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  1. So cute and funny. I aways love this part of the story. :-)