Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Frugal Update

Just over a week ago I spent a day baking. I made granola bars, bagels and cookies. And 2 coffee cakes the night before.

I made another batch of granola bars midweek. Everyone is eating these.

I froze the bagels and just thawed one when I wanted; they were fresh every time! I actually finished all of those yesterday and made a batch of asiago bagels. They are so good! Strong-Willed One likes these, so they'll go fast.

I froze half the cookies and pulled those out last night. Husband is home again this week and it felt great to be able to provide him with homemade cookies for his lunch even though I didn't have time to bake them yesterday.

I'm thrilled that I still have a coffee cake in the freezer. If it's needed quickly I easily thaw it in the microwave.

Occasionally, I'll buy a loaf of Texas Toast for making French toast with. We use about 2/3 of the loaf. The first time I did this, the rest of the bread went to waste because no one wanted it. The next time I made French toast I remembered that you can buy frozen French toast for the toaster. Why not cook off the whole loaf and freeze what's left? So that's what I did. And promptly forgot it was in there. This past week I rediscovered the frozen French toast and Kiddlet has been having it for breakfast. I've done the same with pancakes. They aren't as good as when they're fresh off the griddle, but they sure beat the taste and cost of frozen waffles.

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